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The network with some of the best charter schools in the nation may be expanding to Fort Worth!

BASIS Texas Charter Schools are open enrollment, tuition-free charter schools serving grades K-12, and feature an internationally acclaimed liberal arts curriculum. The BASIS Charter School Curriculum offers foundations in language, literacy, civics, history, science, math, movement, engineering, performance arts, visual arts, and music.

The curriculum is designed to provide a foundation of disciplinary knowledge that fuels critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity.

The BASIS Charter School Curriculum engages, challenges, and inspires:

  • Our innovative integration of courses and content supports an accelerated rigor and pace. Primary students, for example, take blocks of humanities, math, science, and fine arts, and study the interdisciplinary connections between their courses. This approach teaches students to organize their thinking around conceptual synthesis.
  • Key concepts and skills are spiraled from kindergarten through AP courses and beyond. As students progress, the connections they make within and across subjects boost critical thinking skills and give them a deeper understanding of the topic. For instance, students in grades 6–8 take three science courses— biology, physics, and chemistry—each year. This structure of advancing and reinforcing content prepares students to excel in the AP courses for these subjects in high school.
  • We also empower students to achieve beyond the classroom. Students are able to explore their creative interests with our vibrant arts programs, which include music, theatre, and visual arts. They can also participate in the wide variety of extracurricular activities, honor societies, sports, and specials that our schools offer. These activities allow them to further thrive in our diverse academic communities, creating a school culture of respect, accountability, and perseverance.

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